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Who is Cronner?

Always anticipated to the music changes, Hernan Cronner is a Dj & producer who always knew how to be a step ahead in the dance floors. Recognized by his eclectic and avant-garde style and his fine-taste to produce, he managed to go all over the House Music, from the roots to the new sounds.

Based on his passion for vinyl and influenced by Deep, Jazz, Garage, New York / Chicago, Detroit and Techno, he developed projects conceptual and modern, classic and contemporary, based on the specific instruments of the old school and the new school with its new technologies.⬇️⬇︎

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Jack of all trades

Always moving, he's a player on all the fields.

  • With more than 20 years of experience, he has been playing music side by side with many artists and took part of massive festivals in Latin America and Europe.

  • His productions are a reflection of him as an artist, which does not go unnoticed by producers and labels such as Ricardo Miranda (Noblesquare, Chicago), Ron Trent (Prescription/Future Vision, Chicago), Marlon D (Underground Collective, NYC), etc.

  • Along the years, he had put his stamp in many parties, where the underground spirit and the good music were the key: Soma, Plexus, The Box, Voyage, between others. In the last time Closer had been the space chosen to be his Buenos Aires “intimate music”, the one will be based this year in Europe.

  • As a natural extension of his productions, he created Monochromatic Records, a vinyl label 100% oriented to Deep House and quality sounds, with artists like Specter, Amir Alexander, Brad Peterson and Laak.


Along the years, Hernan has been producing under many akas, some as groups and some as his alter-ego. These akas allowed him to produce in different styles and to reach many other audiences.

  • Banfield Audio

    Based in the place where Hernan used to live, this group released by Monochromatic Records and Badance, as well they played in South America and Europe.


    As a connection of Chicago and Buenos Aires, this aka joined Hernan with his friend Ricardo Miranda, to produce amazing tracks for the label Neroli -Italy- and Noble Square.


    His "alter-ego" is currently producing some works for some projects both in America and Europe.

By Hernan Cronner

Working with his partners Ricardo Mirando and Marcelo Cruz, he participated in projects released by Noble Square and Future Vision.

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    Mental Samurai

    Written and produced by Ricardo Miranda and Hernan Cronner, included in the The Smooth Beatdown EP and released by the prestigious italian label, Neroli.

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    Written and produced by Hernan Cronner and Marcelo Cruz, released by Ron Trent's Prescription parent label: Future Vision.

By Banfield Audio

Released by Monochromatic Records, these productions shared EP with artists like Specter, Amir Alexander, Brad Peterson and Laak.

  • Static Buzz

  • Between Us

  • Earth Heart

  • Waves from Detroit


From the union of Chicago and Buenos Aires, Ricardo Miranda and Hernan work under this aka for vinyl productions.


Written and produced by Hernan Cronner and Ricardo Miranda as CHIBA, released by Noble Square Recordings.

Some of my works

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